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Research focus

Medical Bioinformatics

The research focus Medical Bioinformatics, headed by PD Dr. Martin Eisenacher, conducts research on the topics of “Neurodegenerative and Oncological Diseases“, just like the competence area Medical Proteome Analysis. It works closely with this and the other areas of competence, especially ProDi bioinformatics, and develops new customised bioinformatic and biostatistical methods. On the one hand, medical bioinformatics carries out the evaluations of the measurement data. Here, not only is existing evaluation software optimised and already established workflows for biomarker detection applied, but also methods for functional characterisation. On the other hand, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods are used to characterise molecular or mass spectra patterns for diseases or diagnostic subtypes, which can predict the corresponding classes for new unknown patients.

Figure 1: Workflow optimisation