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269Subjective cognitive complaints and blood biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases: a longitudinal cohort studyPerna, L., Stocker, H., Burow, L., Beyer, L., Trares, K., Kurz, C., Gürsel, S., Holleczek, B., Tatò, M., Beyreuther, K., Mons, U., Gerwert, K., Perneczky, R., Schöttker, B., Brenner, H.Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy2023198 (15)10.1186/s13195-023-01341-3PDF
268Serum neurofilament light chain does not detect self-reported treatment-related fluctuations in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathyPoser, P.L., Sajid, G.S., Beyer, L., Hieke1, A., Schumacher, A., Horstkemper, L., Karl, A.-S., Grüter, T., Sgodzai1, M., Pitarokoili, K., Gerwert, K., Gold, R., Fisse, A.L., Gisevius, B., Motte, J.european journal of neurology202310.1111/ene.16023PDF
267High cholesterol levels change the association of biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases with dementia risk: Findings from a population-based cohort Perna, L., Mons, U., Stocker, H., Beyer, L., Beyreuther, K., Trares, K., Holleczek, B., Schöttker, B., Perneczky, R., Gerwert, K., Brenner, H.Alzheimer & Dementia202319 (7) 2913-292210.1002/alz.12933PDF
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263Association of plasmabiomarkers, p-tau181, glial fibrillary acidic protein, and neurofilament light, with intermediate and long-term clinical Alzheimer's disease risk: Results from a prospective cohort followed over 17 yearsStocker, H., Beyer, L., Perna, L., Rujescu, D., Holleczek, B., Beyreuther, K., Stockmann, J., Schöttker1, B., Gerwert, K., Brenner, H.Alzheimer & Dementia202219 (1) 25-3510.1002/alz.12614PDF
262A Framework for Falsifiable Explanations of Machine Learning Models with an Application in Computational PathologySchuhmacher, D., Schoerner, S., Kuepper, C., Grosserueschkamp, F., Sternemann, C., Lugnier, C., Kraeft, A.-L., Juette, H., Tannapfel, A., Reinacher-Schick, A., Gerwert, K., Mosig, A.medRxiv202110.1101/2021.11.01.21265738PDF
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